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Electronic Personnel Dosimeter Project

Special Instructions

Please contact us to determine if we have compatible reader and software for use with your Electronic Personnel Dosimeters (EPD). If we do not, you will need to supply any necessary hardware, software, cables, manuals and passwords.

NOTE: Prior to shipping, all alarms should be turned off, or set as high as possible.

Please provide a battery compartment opener and 5 spare batteries. All will be returned upon completion.

In order to avoid delays, we need to know the following information.

  • Are calibration tags desired? Yes: What calibration frequency would you like to use? (This will allow us to assign an expiration date to the calibration.) No: No calibration tags will be provided.
  • Do you want the calibration factor adjusted? Yes: What is your required tolerance? (e.g. +/- 1%, +/-5% etc.) No: No adjustments will be made to the calibration factors. With both options, you will be provided with a correction factor for each EPD.
  • Any rate considerations associated with your testing?
  • Do you want these calibrations conducted on a whole body phantom or free in air?
  • What point would you prefer be used as the reference point, front face of the phantom or centerline of detector?

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