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Battelle provides radiological calibrations of various radiation detection instruments including neutron and gamma-sensitive dose rate instruments and contamination survey instruments. Instruments may be calibrated for use as survey instruments or as transfer standards. Transfer standard calibrations fall within the scope of the NVLAP-accredited laboratory (lab code 105020-0).

Survey instrument calibrations do not include a full uncertainty analysis and are typically calibrated to within ±10% of the conventionally true value. Survey instrument calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and are compliant with ANSI N323-1978 and ANSI N323A-1997.

Transfer standard instrument calibrations include a full uncertainty analysis, are calibrated to a tighter tolerance (typically ± 2% of the conventionally true value, and are traceable to NIST.

Survey instrument calibrations are available through the Radiological Calibration Laboratory which can be contacted at 509-375-7300. Transfer standard calibrations are available through Calibration Research and Accreditation which can be contacted at 509-375-7340.

  Types of calibration services available
Type of instrument or item Survey Instrument Calibrations Transfer Standard Calibrations (NVLAP accredited calibrations,
lab code 105020-0)
Neutron dose rate X X
Gamma dose rate X X
Beta dose rate X X
Gamma-sensitive electronic dosimeter X X
Beta-sensitive electronic dosimeter X X
Pocket ion chambers X  
Low level monitors
(environmental levels)
High exposure rate instruments X  
Alpha survey instrument X  
Beta survey instrument X  
Electroplated or anodized sources X  

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